2015 EMBS Student Paper Competition Finalists

Please join us in congratulating the Finalists selected for the 2015 EMBS Student Paper Competition!

The Finalists will present their papers in special judging sessions on Wednesday morning in Suite 7 on August 26th. The winners will be announced at the Welcome Ceremony later that day in the Silver Room.

Best of luck to all in the final phase of the competition!


Geographic Finalists:

North America:

Yuxiao Yang
University of Southern California
A Framework for Identification of Brain Network Dynamics Using A Novel Binary Noise Modulated Electrical Stimulation Pattern


Eleonora Tamilia
Università Campus Bio Medico di Roma
An Automated System for Quantitative Analysis of Newborns Oral-Motor Behavior and Coordination during Bottle Feeding


Utkarsh Jindal
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
Corticospinal Excitability Changes To Anodal tDCS Elucidated With NIRS-EEG Joint-imaging – An Ischemic Stroke Study

Middle East-Africa:

Khaled Sayed
Cairo University
Arrhythmia Classification Based On Novel Distance Series Transform Of Phase Space Trajectories

Latin America:

Lucas Massaroppe
University of Sao Paulo
Kernel-nonlinear-PDC extends Partial Directed Coherence to Detecting Nonlinear Causal Coupling

Open Finalists

Hui-Ling, Chan
Beamformer-based Imaging of Phase-Amplitude Coupling using
Electromagnetic Brain Activity

Christopher Cline
University of Minnesota
Subject-Specific Optimization of Channel Currents for Multichannel Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Siavash Ghaffari
McGill University
Effect of In Vivo Flow Dynamics On Angiogenesis By Computational Modeling

Javier Hernandez
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BioPhone: Physiology Monitoring from Peripheral Smartphone Motions

Daniel Oloumi
University of Alberta
Breast Tumor Detection Using UWB Circular-SAR Tomographic Microwave Imaging

Julie Oziat
Electrochemistry Provides A Simple Way To Monitor Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Metabolites

Amanda Shultz
Vanderbilt University
Walking on Uneven Terrain with a Powered Ankle Prosthesis: A Preliminary Assessment

Quang N. Vo
University of Alberta
3D Ultrasound Imaging Method to Assess the True Spinal Deformity

Mark Patrick Zapf
University of New South Wales
Assistive Peripheral Prosthetic Vision Aids Perception and Mobility in Outdoor Environments: A Simulation Study

Xinran Zhang
Tsinghua University
A High-Accuracy Surgical Augmented Reality System Using Enhanced Integral Videography Image Overlay