[W1.2] – Amber 7
3D Printing and Design for Biomedical Innovation: From Medical Need to Physical Parts & Solutions



This workshop presents the latest equipment, tools, materials, and computer-aided-design software systems that are being developed to apply 3D printing and additive manufacturing techniques for biomedical applications. Beginning with an understanding of design principles and how these are applied to biomedical needs, a range of examples and case studies will be presented. Techniques include the use of medical imaging to build patient-customized structures for surgery, implants, and orthopedics. The availability of distributed printing offers a transformative capability to deliver care in remote settings. The field of bionics and prosthetics is undergoing dramatic change in the ability to meet patient requirements. The emerging field of bioprinting is enabling radical research into how new drugs will interact with biological tissues and organs. Future directions are envisioned where synthetic organs and replacement parts will dramatically extend life. Invited talks from international leaders with a multidisciplinary background from medicine, research, healthcare delivery and industry will engage participants in an exchange of ideas for a wide variety of applications.


B. Hecht is a Staff Engineer with Analog Devices, Wilmington, MA 01887 USA and is an Advanced Study Program Fellow at MIT, Cambridge, MA
Khalid is an ENT Surgeon and a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, Boston MA and was a Sloan Fellow with the MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge