[W1.3] – Amber 6
Practical Computer Modeling for Medical Device Development



This workshop will present use of computer models in design of medical devices, and application of models for simulation of therapeutic procedures. Mathematical background on finite element and finite difference methods will be presented. Additional sessions will present specific example applications, including cardiac arrhythmia ablation therapies, thermal cancer therapies. In hands-on sessions, the participants will under guidance generate a patient-specific model of hip joint based on medical images, perform a biomechanics simulation of a hip prosthesis, analyze microwave tissue heating and cardiac ablation systems. The presentations are given by experts in the field, both from academia and industry.


Dorin Panescu, PhD Vice President, Systems Engineering and IP Strategy, with Advanced Cardiac
Therapeutics, Inc. in Santa Clara, CA
Dieter Haemmerich, PhD, is Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Medical University of South
Carolina, and Adjunct Faculty of Bioengineering at Clemson University. He is senior member of IEEE-EMBS, and is current Chair of the EMBS Technical Committee on Therapeutic Systems and Technologies


  • Overview of applications of computer models for medical devices and therapies, Dieter Haemmerich, PhD; Med. Univ. of South Carolina
  • Finite Difference & Finite Element Methods, Torben Paetz, PhD; Fraunhofer MeVis Institute for Medical Image Computing
  • Computable Functional Human Phantoms for Medical Device Modeling, Niels Kuster, PhD; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Z├╝rich (ETHZ)
  • Hands-on session: Patient-specific modeling and biomechanics analysis of a femoral hip prosthesis, Christian Rossmann, PhD; Materialise NV
  • Computational modeling of microwave ablation and hyperthermia: applications to device design and treatment planning, Punit Prakash, PhD; Kansas State Univ.
  • Including Prediction of Irreversible Thermal Alterations in Numerical Model Work, John Pearce, PhD; Univ. Texas-Austin
  • Finite Element Modeling of Cardiac Ablation Devices, Dorin Panescu, PhD; Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics, Inc
  • Modelling Cardiac Defibrillation, Socrates Dokos, PhD; The University of New South Wales
  • Practical Exercise, All Panelists