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Advanced NeuroTechnologies for Brain Initiatives – ANTBI




The workshop will highlight the development of novel electronic and photonic devices and techniques for experimental probing, neural simulation studies, and the design and development of human-machine interface systems, artificial vision sensors, and neural prosthesis have significantly restored and enhanced the impaired sensory functions and motor systems. Furthermore, we highlight these recent technological advances by focusing on advanced technologies that monitor and control brain activities to treat neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Depression, etc., from the molecular to systemic levels.

Invited talks will be presented by internationally well respected researchers. This workshop will provide a unique interactive platform to exchange of ideas in the areas of BRAIN initiatives with leading researchers and medical and industry professionals.



Opening Remarks [8:30-8:35]

Andrew Laine, IEEE EMBS President
Metin Akay, Chair, Steering Committee

Keynote Lecture [8:35-9:05]

Karlheinz Meier, Heidelberg University
Computing and the Brain – A 2-Way Street

Symposium#1: Neurotechnology and the Autonomic Nervous System. Dominique Durand (Chair) [9:05-10:35]

Mario Romero-Ortega, The University of Texas at Dallas
Progress and Challenges Interfacing the Autonomic Nervous System

Dominique Durand, Case Western,
Recovering Neural Information with Carbon Nanotubes Wires

Daniel Chew, Bioelectronics R&D, GSK
Bioelectronic Medicine for Treating Autonomic Dysfunction and Disease

Jacob Robinson, Rice University
Scalable Nanotechnologies for Interrogating Neural Activity

Coffee Break [10:35-11:00]

Symposium#2: Translational Neural Engineering. Ted Berger (Chair) [11:00–12:30]

Jan Rabaey, University of California at Berkeley & Stanisa Raspopovic, EPFL
The Quest for a Bionic Hand: Recent Achievements and Future Perspectives

Arto Nurimikko, Brown University
On High Data Rate Implantable Wireless Brain Interfaces

Ted Berger USC
Identifying and Predicting Memory Patterns in the Human Hippocampus

Lunch Break [12:30-14:00]

Symposium#3: Neural Imaging and Mapping. Bin He (Chair) [14:00–15:30]

Bin He, UMinn
Mapping and Interfacing with the Human Brain

Chunlei Liu, Duke University School of Medicine
MRI and Neural Modulation

Erik Meijering, Erasmus University
BigNeuron: A Community Effort for Large-Scale 3D Neuron Reconstruction from Optical Microscopy Images

Paul Sajda, Columbia University
Fusing EEG and fMRI to Infer Neural Reactivation Patterns related to Metacognitive Processing During Rapid Decision Making

Coffee Break [15:30-16:00]

Symposium#4: Neurotechnology for Rehabilitation. Paolo Bonato (Chair) [16:00–17:30]

Marco Molinari, Fondazione S. Lucia, Roma
Human-machine interactions. New challenges and potentialities for Neurological Rehabilitation

Bernhard Graimann, Otto Bock,
From Ideas to Research to Innovations: Examples from Prosthetics

Levi Hargrove, Northwestern University
Intuitive Control of Powered Arms and Legs: Recent Advances and Remaining Challenges

Paolo Bonato Harvard Medical School
Could Your Patient Learn From a Robot? The Application of Motor Control Principles to the Design of Robot – Assisted Gait Training Interventions