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How to use muscle synergies beyond off-line analysis



Human behaviors are a result of complex neural dynamics between the central nervous system (CNS), proprioceptors, and the musculoskeletal system. The notion of muscle synergy, defined as relative weight of muscle activations driven by common excitation primitives, has received considerable attention from the neuroscience community as a way to interpret, in a quantitative way, the neural strategy adopted by the CNS to simplify the coordination of muscles. Muscle synergies have been well investigated in several areas including the: classifying and modeling human and animal motor skills, identifying the degree of brain damage after neurological lesion, and assisting stroke therapy. The current applications based on muscle synergy analysis have been mainly designed to work-offline, yet few efforts have been done to move forward and obtain online synergy. Online synergy computations can be utilized as a robust neurofeedback signaling that is essential to design effective stroke rehabilitation or skill-acquisition training programs by: assisting synergies reorganization, controlling exoskeleton robots, predicting models of human locomotion, controlling multi-degree of freedom prostheses, designing online robotic therapy, etc. This workshop, therefore, focuses on the possible methodologies to move beyond current off-line muscle synergy analysisdiscussing the possible solutions to overcome dilemmas and highlight real world applications of online muscle synergy. We believe that the outputs of this workshop will bring out the opportunity for new avenues in neurorehabilitation. In the half-day workshop, we are planning six main presentations (30-min each, including Q&A). All the speakers confirmed their readiness to attend the workshop and submitted their abstract (see below). After the presentations, we plan a 30min general discussion session on “How online-synergy can propose effective neurorehabilitation?” Before closing the workshop, and depend on the logistic support from the conference site, we would like to open the opportunity for five students to introduce their relevant poster’s abstract to the audience (2min each). A call for the mini-poster-session is planned after the acceptance of this workshop.

More details are available at the workshop webpage: fady07.wix.com/onlinemusclesynergy.


Fady S. Alnajjar – IEEE Member
Juan C Moreno – IEEE Member
Diego Torricelli – IEEE Member
Shingo Shimoda – IEEE Member