BRAIN Initiative (Plenary)

Wednesday Aug 17, 2016 – 13:30-15:00

Chair: Bin He, University of Minnesota

13:30-13:40: Session Introduction-  Bin He, University of Minnesota

13:40-14:05: Walter Korshetz, M.D. Director National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Dr. Koroshetz unexpectedly cannot attend the meeting. Instead Dr. Sarah H. Lisanby will give the talk.
Sarah H. Lisanby, M.D., Director of Translational Research, NIMH, and Lead NIH BRAIN Initiative team on Large Scale Recording and Modulation of the Central Nervous System
Presentation title: The State of BRAIN Initiatives

14:05-14:30: Karl Deisseroth, M.D., Ph.D. DH Chen Professor of Bioengineering and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Howard Hughes Investigator, Stanford University
Presentation title: Optogenetics and CLARITY

14:30-14:55: Bin He, Ph.D. Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Medtronic-Bakken Chair, Director of the Institute for Engineering in Medicine and of the Center for Neuroengineering, University of Minnesota
Presentation title: Electrophysiological Neuroimaging and Brain-Computer Interfaces

14:55-15:00: Q&A

The Quantified Self: Visions for the next decade of persistent physiological monitoring

Thursday Aug 18, 2016 – 13:30-15:00

Chairs and Moderators:  Nahum Gershon, MITRE, and Justin Sanchez, DARPA

13:30-13:40:  Session Introduction – Justin Sanchez & Nahum Gershon

13:40-14:05:  Dave deBronkart, e-Patient Dave, International keynote speaker, author and health policy adviser.
Presentation title: I Barely Survived Cancer and Nobody Knows Why

14:05-14:30:  Wendy Nilsen, Ph.D., Program Director, Smart and Connected Health Division of Information and Intelligent Systems Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering National Science Foundation
Presentation title: Turning the Quantified Self Into a Healthier Population

14:30-14:55: Larry Smarr, Ph.D., the founding Director of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), a UC San Diego/UC Irvine partnership.
Presentation title: Linking Phenotype Changes to Internal/External Longitudinal Time Series in a Single Human

14:55-15:00:  Q&A

Advanced Biomedical and Health Informatics for Personalized, Predictive, and Precision Health

Thursday Aug 18, 2016 – 13:30-15:00

Chairs and Moderators: May Wang, GaTech and Shankar Subramaniam, UCSD and IEEE EMBS BHI Technical Committee

13:30-13:40:  Session Introduction:  Shankar Subramaniam, Ph.D., UCSD

13:40-14:05: Raimond Winslow, Ph.D., Professor of Biomedical Engineering Johns Hopkins University.
Presentation title: WaveformECG: A Web-Based Platform for Managing, Visualizing, Annotating, and Analyzing ECG Data

14:05-14:30: Edward Harry Livingston, M.D., Deputy Editor, The Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA)
Presentation title: The EMR: What Went Wrong and How Can We Fix It?

14:30-14:55: Avi Ma’ayan, Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics, Mount Sinai
Presentation tite: Collecting and Exploring Gene Signatures

14:55-15:00:  Q&A

Point-Of-Care Technologies for Precision Medicine

Friday Aug 19, 2016 – 13:30-15:00

Chair and Moderator: Atam Dhawan, PhD, NJIT

13:30-13:40:  Introduction to Needs and Challenges in Adopting Point-Of-Care Technologies in Healthcare for Personalized, Preventive and Precision Medicine, Atam Dhawan, PhD, NJIT

13:40-14:00: Tiffani Lash, PhD, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, NIH
Presentation title: NIH Perspective and Initiative to Promote POC Technologies for Precision Medicine

14:00-14:20: Julian Goldman, MD, Partners HealthCare and Massachusetts General Hospital
Presentation title: Clinical Perspective on POC Technology Innovations for Improving Healthcare

14:20-14:40: Nicolas Chbat, PhD, Phillips Research North America
Presentation title: An Industry Perspective on Achieving Precision Medicine for Point-of-care Technology in the ICU

14:40-15:00:  Q&A

Entrepreneurship MiniSymposium: How to Start a Start-Up

Thursday Aug 18, 2016, 11:00-12:30, Grand Republic B and 15:30-17:00, Atlantic B

Organizers: Dorin Panescu, PhD and Dieter Hammerich PhD

  • Dr. Howard Levin (MD): Translating Ideas Into Therapies
  • Dr. Dieter Hammerich: The Secret to Successful SBIR Funding
  • Dr. Richard Schmidt: Start-Up Lessons Learned
  • Dr. Theodore Papagiannis (JD): Start-Up Roadmaps: How to Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Reese Terry: How to Startup Your Own Startup
  • Dr. Nitish Thakor, Technology Transfer
  • Dr. Michael R. Christensen (JD): US and International Patent Law and Intellectual Property Updates. Role of US vs PCT Patent Application Fillings
  • Mark Gelfand: How to Establish an Academia-Industry Partnership