IEEE11073 Personal Health Devices Educational Session

The session will present a tutorial on the IEEE 11073 Personal Health Device (PHD) standards. The session will cover the theory of the IEEE 11073-20601 base standard, the -104xx specializations and the current transport technologies (BT, BT LE, USB and ZigBee). The session will explain the domain information model, service model, and nomenclature and how these are used to model real devices. The session will cover practical examples of devices from the separate domains of telehealth, independent living, and health and fitness. The session will describe the advantages to research and industry applications.

List of Speakers (tentative)

Malcolm Clarke, Brunel University,Senior Member, IEEE
Presentation Title:  TBD
Bio: Main research interests are in the application of technology to medicine and specialises in telemedicine, including telemonitoring, telehealth and telecare, and includes technology development and evaluating its use in clinical practice, with specific interest in primary care. He is on the CEN, HL7, IEEE and ISO committees working on standards for medical devices, currently chair of the lower layers working group and one of the core members of the IEEE 11073 Personal Health Devices working group.

Organizer I:      Malcolm Clarke, Brunel University,Senior Member, IEEE
Bio:  Listed Above

Organizer I:      William Ash, IEEE Standards Association
Bio:  Strategic Technology Program Director for IEEE-SA. Bill has been with the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) for over 12 years working with standards development groups covering technologies such as RF emissions, distributive generation and the National Electrical Safety Code®. He is currently leading the eHealth, smart grid, and smart cities, for the IEEE-SA.