Robust and Reliable Timestamps for Remote Patient Monitoring


Having robust timestamps for remote patient monitoring is essential to ensure correct context and correlation with other data. However typical devices have no clock or a simple clock that is not synchronized. The gateway that forwards data from the local devices to the enterprise will be responsible for translating timestamps to local time and also to an underlying continuous time reference, ideally UTC. However gateways operate in harsh conditions and may not be able to synchronize their time to an accurate reference or local time. It is necessary to be able to denote the operating conditions of the gateway and the translation applied to any timestamp to ensure the integrity of data.

This interactive workshop will review the problem, identify the issues, examine current approaches, and explore solutions and mitigation [2]. It will consider the guidelines published by Continua Alliance [1] that have been designed to address the issues in order to determine limitations and identify gaps.

List of Speakers (TBD)

Organizer I:      Malcolm Clarke, IEEE Senior Member
Bio:  Malcolm Clarke is a Reader in Telemedicine and eHealth Systems in the Department of Computer Science, Brunel University. He is on CEN, HL7, IEEE and ISO committees working on standards for medical devices. Dr Clarke has experience of working in the medical technology field for 30 years.

Organizer II:     Michael Kirwan
Bio:  Michael Kirwan is currently co-chair of the IEEE 11073 Personal Health Devices Work Group and member of Continua Alliance, with a role to manage its certification program.