The Fast-Changing Landscape of Electroencephalography


This workshop will benefit both new users who are just entering the field of electroencephalography (EEG), and those that are well established. We will show some of the latest technologies that will put your research at the cutting edge. We also invite attendees of the workshop to predict what directions the EEG field will evolve to next.

The Fast-Changing Landscape of Electroencephalography workshop is designed to give both novice and experienced EEG users a synopsis of the latest innovations in EEG. EEG is the recording of brain electrical activity from the scalp. The EEG measures the difference in potentials between electrodes generated by ionic currents flowing within neurons of the brain. For many years, EEG has had limited use due to its poor signal quality, low spatial resolution, and non-portability. Even with these limitations, EEG is still a standard practice in clinical settings such as diagnosis of epilepsy and for research such as brain computer interfacing. In recent years, electrodes, signal acquisition hardware, and signal processing software have undergone major improvements allowing new and improved applications of EEG. We will provide presentations and demos from five industry innovators on their latest technologies for acquiring and processing EEG. The target audience of the workshop is the broad community of the IEEE EMB Society and anyone interested in recording brain signals.

List of Speakers

  • Give your mobile EEG research a twist
    Nicola Soldati Ph.D., Brain Products GmbH,
  • Real-Time Processing of Biosignal Data for a Brain-Computer Interface
    Willian G. Coon, Ph.D. g.tec neurotechnology USA,
  • Automatic Artifact Rejection with Tripolar Concentric Ring Electrode EEG (tEEG)
    Walter Besio, Ph.D., CREmedical Corp. and University of Rhode Island,
  • Wearable & Wireless Options for Collection and Analysis of Biometric Data for Biomedical and Other Research Applications
    Ken Graap, Ph.D, BioPac Systems,
  • Mobile Dry EEG Systems for Real-World Neuroimaging
    Mike Chi Ph.D. Cognionics,

30 minutes will be reserved at the end of the workshop for questions, answers, and future directions discussion.