Zang-Hee Cho, Ph.D.

Super-Resolution Tractography with 7.0T MRI-Applications to Language and Cognition


Increasing interest of connectomic  areas of research encouraged development of high resolution tractography among others the Super-Resolution Tractography (SRT) of  In-vivo Human with UHF 7.0T MRI. SRT now boasts submillimeter resolution human brain fiber connectivity with resolution down to 200 μm allowing us to look at the fine structures of the language circuitry such as Geschwind’s territory and its connections to the cognitive centers, the prefrontal cortex. This talk will discuss technical aspects of the SRT and  its applications to human language and cognition.


Dr. Zang Hee Cho graduated Seoul National University and did Ph.D  in Applied physics at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Professor Cho has been faculty of University of California, Los Angeles, Columbia University,  and  University of California, Irvine. Professor Cho is currently Distinguished Research Fellow at the AICT, Seoul  National University.

Professor Cho in the pioneer of CT, PET, and MRI and developed  world’s first PET scanner in 1975 while he was at UCLA. Among many awards and honors, Professor Cho  elected as a member of US National Academy of Medicine in 1977.