Ignite Guidelines

EMBC 2018 – Ignite Sessions – Author Instructions

All Corresponding Authors of a full-contributed paper, scheduled in a Poster Session received an invitation to participate in an Ignite Session.

The Ignite Session will give you the opportunity to present your work in a two (2) minute oral presentation.

Your Ignite Session will take place the same day as your poster presentation, immediately preceding your scheduled poster presentation.

If you are interested in participating and taking advantage of the Ignite session, please be sure to pre-register using the link provided in the email you received.  You must be registered to participate by Friday, June 15.

Please prepare ONE SLIDE for 2 minutes, explaining the important part of your work.  Please include in the slide ONLY the major contribution of your work, in a simple manner, to capture the interest of the audience. The slide should answer the following: what is the problem, why it is important, how you did it, and what are the major result and conclusion.

The slide format can be found HERE.

After the IGNITE session, poster presenters will have to go to the poster hall and stand by their posters from 17:15 to 19:00.  This presence is mandatory, and there will be finger food in the poster hall to create and exciting and productive atmosphere of scientific interchange.

VERY IMPORTANT: if you want to take advantage of presenting your summary slide in the IGNITE session you MUST pre-upload your slide by Wednesday July 11.  No ignite slides will be accepted for upload on-site!

Go to http://www.embcupload2018.com/

Choose the button for Ignite Session Uploader. You will be prompted for username and password.

User Name: EMBC18
Password: Haw11an40

This will take you to the Upload page. Here you may either drag and drop your file in the upload box, or browse for your file.

Please make sure your file is labeled as follows:

Session#_Paper #_Last Name_First Name

Example: WeAT1_1_Smith_John.pptx

Authors who do not register and pre upload their slide according to the instructions by the deadline will not be able to participate in the IGNITE session (no exceptions). We are sorry to impose this requirement, but each speaker will only have 2 minutes to present, therefore, all the slides will have to be automatically pre downloaded to each room computer before the session and the presentation will run automatically in the computer without the presenter’s intervention to save time between presentations.

Ignite Sessions are optional