9. Engineering and Medicine in Extreme Environments


Tobias Cibis, tobias.cibis@fau.de
Carolyn McGregor, Carolyn.Mcgregor@uoit.ca
Alistair McEwan, Alistair.mcwean@gmail.com
Bjoern Eskofier, bjoern.eskofier@fau.de

Extreme environments, such as naturals (underwater, altitude, space, geographic poles, volcanoes, desert,…) or forced/man-made (extreme sports, emergency forces, armed forces) are conditions where specific physiological changes in the human body are triggered to maintain physiological functionality and to ensure survival.

The general goal in the medical and engineering areas can be formulated as: to enhance human comfort, performance and survival in extreme environments.

The workshop will present world-leading experts in varying research fields ranging from engineering and medicine in diving, space, tactical forces and other extreme environments.

List of Speakers

1. Tobias Cibis, MAD Lab, Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen

Introduction to Engineering and Medicine in Extreme Environments

2. Susan Steinemann, Director of Hyperbaric Medicine Center Honolulu, University of Hawaii

Diving Medicine and Physiology and Diving Location Hawaii – Demographics and Population

3. Tobias Cibis, Machine Learning and Data Analytics Lab (MAD), Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen

Decompression Algorithms / Modelling and Diving Technology

4. Carolyn McGregor, Prof., Canada Research Chair in Health Informatics, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Autonomous Health Monitoring for long range Space Missions

5. Brian Telfer, PhD., Bioengineering Systems and Techologies Group, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, MIT, Bosten, USA

Wearable Real-Time Physiological Monitors for Austere Environments

6. Brendan Bonnis

Tactical Operation as an Extreme Environment

7. Alistair McEwan , Prof., The University of Sydney

Biologically Inspired Physiological Monitoring