Paper Submission Process

Please be sure to read all Author Policies, Author Instructions, and Author Important Messages prior to submitting your paper both on the conference website and in the paper management system.

When Ready visit: Go visit
Click “Submit a contribution to EMBC 21”.
Select the Type of Submission you wish to Submit
Follow all steps outlined to complete your Submission
Paper Submission Process
All papers submitted to the conference will follow the following process:

Initial paper submission
Author or authors draft their best work for review by the organizing committee
Each author listed on the paper must listed as an author on the face of the paper and in the paper management system
Remember to use templates for ease of submission

Paper review
Once the initial submission deadline has completed for your paper submission type, the organizing committee will begin reviewing all papers in your submission type
Notification of acceptance or rejection
On or before the scheduled date the organizing committee will notify the corresponding author of the acceptance or rejection of the paper to the conference program
Where the paper is accepted to the program the corresponding author is encouraged to update the paper to meet any recommendations provided by the reviewers.
Final submission
The corresponding author of the paper must submit the final draft of the paper, on or before the published deadline.
At least one of the paper author must register as an “author registration” to attend the conference and have a conference registration and any applicable submission fees paid in full at a full registration price to support the paper. *Single day rates, one day passes, Workshop only, exhibitor rates, or any other specialty admission items do not support paper submission.
Registration to the conference and full payment of any applicable submission fees substantiates the author(s) commitment to attend the conference and present the paper. If the corresponding author does not register to attend the conference and pay the any applicable submission session the paper will be deemed “unsupported” and will not be scheduled for presentation in conference program.
Corresponding authors are encouraged to complete a thorough review of the paper before final submission deadline this will be the final opportunity to make any changes, adjustments, or acknowledgements. Requests to updated, edit, change, or add information to the paper after final submission will not be accommodated after the final submission deadline.
The corresponding author is acts are the lead point of contact for the paper, and is responsible for all activities related to the paper.

Registration and Submission Fees
The Corresponding Author is required to register for the conference at a full registration rate selecting “author registration” admission items.

*Single day rates, one day passes, Workshop only, exhibitor, or any other specialty prices do not include and will not support paper submission.

A Full Author Registration admission items to the conference will support up to 2 paper submissions of any submission type, and up to 4 pages per paper submission.

Where a single author registration has more than 2 papers which he or she would like to support the following submission fees apply in addition to the registration fee:

Submission Fees
1st Submission – with Registration $0.00
2nd Submission – with Registration $0.00
3rd Submission – with Registration $100.00
4th Submission – with Registration $200.00
5th Submission – with Registration $300.00
6th Submission – with Registration $400.00
7th Submission – with Registration $500.00

Where a single author wishes to support any paper which exceeds 4 pages in length the following fees apply in addition to the registration fee:

Over-length Paper Charges
Page Number 5 $200.00
Page Number 6 $400.00
Page Number 7 $600.00

*The Maximum Page Length is 7 pages inclusive of reference page. All pages of the paper are accounted for – Example: A 5 page paper which contains 4 pages of research content and 1 reference page, is considered a 5 page paper, and will incur over length page charges
*Prices above do not include any applicable taxes that may apply in the region where the conference is being held
*Once the corresponding author completes the final submission steps registration fees and submission fees are non-refundable