Paper Submission Process

All papers submitted to the conference will follow the following process:

  • Initial paper submission
    • initial paper submission is the step in which the author or authors present their best work for review by the organizing committee
    • Each author listed on the paper must listed as an author on the face of the paper and in the paper management system
  • Paper review
    • Once the initial submission deadline has completed for your paper submission type, the organizing committee will begin reviewing all papers in your submission type
  • Notification of acceptance or rejection
    • On or before the scheduled date the organizing committee will notify the corresponding author of the acceptance or rejection of the paper to the conference program
    • where the paper is accepted to the program the corresponding author is encouraged to update the paper to meet any recommendations provided by the reviewers
  • Final submission (*final submission only applies to those papers which receive an acceptance notification from the conference organizing committee)
    • the corresponding author of the paper must submit the final draft of the paper, on or before the published deadline
    • the corresponding author must be registered to attend the conference and have a conference registration fee paid in full at the full registration price
      • Single day rates, one day passes, Workshop only, exhibitor rates, or any other specialty admission items will not support the paper uplodd
    • the corresponding author will not be able to upload the final submission of the paperwhere the paper is not supported by a full registration of the corresponding author or a co-author.
    • corresponding authors are encouraged to complete a thorough review of the paper before final submission of the paper as this will be the final opportunity to make any changes, adjustments, or acknowledgements.
    • A co-author can register for the conference and pay the applicable upload fees. Only the corresponding author can upload the final paper