Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an option to participate in the conference virtually?

No, EMBC2022 is an in-person conference. The conference is not able to entertain a hybrid option, a remote presentation and/or the submission of a video presentation. Authors who are unable to travel due to country and/or institution restrictions may withdraw their submission, with no penalty, by April 30, 2022.

Can I post my paper on a website or

Please visit the IEEE Author Resource Center for guidelines:

Post Your Paper

Can I make my paper Open Access?

Yes, further information about this option and how to avail of this option can be found in the “Authors” section of the conference website.

I need to register but don't have a credit card / wire transfer instructions

Registrations are only confirmed where payment has been received by the customer.  The only method of payment our system supports is credit card payments, as it is the only means to receive instant payment which are simultaneously recorded in the registration system.
In cases where a credit card is not available our office can support wire payments.  However, there is a lengthy process for wire payments to be managed and supported.  If you need to pay by wire payment we recommend that you begin the process no less than 7 business days before you must have a confirmed registration.

Step One – 1 Business Day:

Complete a Successful wire payment for the full amount of your registration fee to the following IEEE Bank Account  (remember to include any submission fees, or optional items as well)

Step Two – 1 -2 business days:

Send Confirmation of Wire payment to the EMBC Registration Team requesting the completion of registration

Step Three – 2-3 Business Days:

IEEE EMBS Executive office will confirm payment has settled with the IEEE Treasury Team

Step Four – 1 business day:

EMBC Registration Team will confirm registration and re-send your confirmation email. This will again include a link to your invoice that will show your balance as paid.

Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank N.A
Address: 123 South Broad Street
City: Philadelphia
State: PA  19109

Account Name: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Account #: #21570000000482290
ABA/Routing #: 121000248
Swift Address: WFBIUS6S (for international wires)

If I have registered for the conference, and cannot attend, can I transfer my registration to another person?

If you would like to transfer your registration to another person:

The current registrant must submit a request via the EMBS customer service tool with the explicit request to transfer their registration record to an unregistered party “the receiver”, and supply the first name, last name, email address, and IEEE Member number (if applicable) of the receiver.

Please note: Both the current registrant and the receiver should be equally eligible for the rate included in the registration record, to avoid additional charges. Membership benefits are not transferable.

As such, in cases where the receiver is not eligible for the rate included in the registration record, they will be registered for the rate they are eligible for, based upon the information provided in the request. Where the receiver’s eligible rate is higher than the rate and amount paid in the registration record, the receiver will be left with a balance due, which must be paid before the conference commences.

Should the receiving person be eligible for a lower conference rate, refunds will not be provided.

Those with an unpaid balance will not be issued a badge at the conference until a balance due is satisfied.

How can I receive a confirming invoice for my paid registration?

All invoices are self-printed by the registrant via the conference registration system.  To print one’s invoice he or she should:

Click Here to navigate to the Conference Registrant Portal Login Page

Enter the email address you used to register for the conference and your 11-character confirmation number when prompted (**If you do not have an 11 -character confirmation number follow the instructions and link to have your 11-character confirmation number sent to you via email**)  

Once Logged in Select “EMBC 2022 Invoice”

Note: The information that appears on the invoice is determined by the registrant’s contact information provided.  If you would like your invoice to reflect specific information, this information must be included in the registrant’s contact information.  To update your contract information the registrant should “Modify” the registration information by selecting “Modify” in the registration portal before printing the invoice.



I am attending the conference and need a personalized invitation letter?

Personalized Invitation letters are only available to authors contributing a paper to the conference.  Authors can obtain a personalized letter by logging into the paper management system (papercept), and select “Request an Acceptance Letter” from the available drop-down options.

I am the corresponding author, but my co-author will attend the conference and present the paper as I cannot attend, do I have to take any steps?

If the corresponding author cannot attend and a co-author will present the paper in lieu of the corresponding author, the corresponding author will still be considered a no show. With this, the corresponding author must follow the no show process and submit the No show/Absentee/Substitution form. To avoid this extra step, it is better to make sure the corresponding author is the author who will be attending the conference.


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When will my paper be visible in IEEE Xplore

Only full contributed papers will be published in IEEE Xplore after the paper has been presented by the corresponding author at the conference.  Full contributed papers that meet the requirements for publication will be visible in IEEE Xplore approximately 90 days after the conference.

I am traveling to the conference with my family, is there a child rate or discount for children at the conference?”

IEEE EMBC welcomes students, academic leaders, and industry leaders with interest in the field of Engineering in Medicine & Biology.  Anyone who wishes to attend the conference and is under the age of 18, must pay the applicable registration fee, and be accompanied by a registered and paid parent or guardian.  For the safety and protection of children, we encourage adult attendees who are traveling with children, where the child/children are not student attendees, to make the necessary childcare arrangements for their children external to the conference areas.

Will a childcare be offered?

Due to insurance reasons EMBC does not provide childcare. Attendees are recommended to carry out their own research in organizing individual childcare.