Special Sessions 

A Special Session is a session which is devised to include panel discussions or non-technical talks on topics such as research funding, entrepreneurship, or technology transfer, and can receive a wide interest across different themes of the conference.

These sessions will be 60-minutes in length and will be made available for viewing on demand to registrants during the period of July 20 – August 20, 2020.

Early-Career Researcher Series: Transitioning from a Graduate Student to a Professional Bandla, Aishwarya
Enabling Innovative Technologies for Global Healthcare: Round Table on COVID-19 Brenan, Colin
Special Session: Clinical Engineering Initiatives in Canada Capuano, Michael
Addressing Clinical IoT Interoperability and Security Challenges Globally ( Part I & II) Hudson, Florence
Demonstrating the Value of In-House Clinical Engineering Service Ibey, Andrew
NIH Grantsmanship Kee Forbes
Biomedical Engineering in Latin America – Perspectives towards EMBC 2021 Lavarello, Roberto
Starting Your Own Company: Part I Panescu, Dorin
Starting Your Own Company: Part II Panescu, Dorin
CMBES Clinical Engineering Cross Canada Check-Up Poulin, Martin
Wireless Medical Devices Going into the 5G World: New Use Cases, Practical Issues, and Challenges Witters, Donald