Student Paper Competition Finalists

Please join us in congratulating the Finalists selected for the 2020 EMBS Student Paper Competition!

The Finalists will present their papers in special virtual judging sessions.
Best of luck to all in the final phase of the competition!

Geographic Finalists:

Middle East-Africa

Abderrazak Chahid
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
A Position Weight Matrix Feature Extraction Algorithm Improves Hand Gesture Recognition 

Asia –Pacific

Madhuvanthi Muralidharan
Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, UNSW Sydney
Towards Controlling Functionally-Distinct Retinal Ganglion Cells In Degenerate Retina 


Amina Ghrissi
Université Côte d’azur, CNRS, I3S
Data Augmentation for Automatic Identification of Spatiotemporal Dispersion Electrograms in Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Using Machine Learning 

North America

Jacob A. George
University of Utah
Intensity Discriminability of Electrocutaneous and Intraneural Stimulation Pulse Frequency in Intact Individuals and Amputees

Latin America

Gerson Africano
Universidad Industrial de Santander
A New Benchmark and Method for the Evaluation of Chest Wall Detection in Digital Mammography

Open Finalists:

Yogatheesan Varatharajah
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Electrophysiological Correlates of Brain Health Help Diagnose Epilepsy and Lateralize Seizure Focus

Emily Reed
University of Southern California
Sampling-Based Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal Control for Neuromechanical Systems

Chenxi Yang

Stevens Institute of Technology
Classification of Aortic Stenosis before and after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Using
Cardio-Mechanical Modalities

Hyunsu Park
Purdue University
Effects of Fractal Electrode Geometry on Charge Injection Capacity of TiN Microelectrodes

Sandya Subramanian
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Detecting Loss and Regain of Consciousness During Propofol Anesthesia Using Multimodal Indices of Autonomic State

Omid Rajabi Shishvan
University at Albany – State University of New York
Measuring Current Source Output Impedance in EIT Systems While Attached to a Load

Dion Kelly
University of Calgary
A Child’s Right to Play: Results from the Brain-Computer Interface Game Jam 2019

Tim Allison-Walker
Monash University 
Local Field Potential Phase Modulates Neural Responses to Intracortical Electrical Stimulation

Ming-Shan Gao
National Tsing Hua University
Learning a Phenotypic-Attribute Attentional Brain Connectivity Embedding for ADHD
Classification using rs-fMRI

Syed Khairul Bashar
University of Connecticut
Preliminary Results on Density Poincare Plot Based Atrial Fibrillation Detection from Premature Atrial/Ventricular Contractions