Student Paper Competition

Annually the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society, in connection with the Annual International EMB Conference, sponsors a Student Paper Competition (SPC).


  • Corresponding author must be an active member of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society at a Student Grade; Graduate Student Member or Undergraduate Student Member
  • Corresponding author must have a full contributed paper (4 pages or longer) submitted to the annual EMB Conference
  • Full Contributed paper must be nominated to the Student Paper Completion via a completed Nomination Form signed by the corresponding author’s Faculty Advisor
  • Corresponding author’s Faculty Advisor must be listed as a co-author of the Full Contributed Paper


Nominations will open 4/11/20.

Where the corresponding author of a given full-contributed paper meets all eligibility requirements, any author of the paper may access the EMB conference paper management system and submit the required nomination information and documentation; following the Student Award Paper Competition submission steps by the published deadline.

Submissions received without a completed Nomination Form will be deemed incomplete and will not be reviewed for the competition.

Each paper should only receive a single nomination; duplicate nominations will have no impact on the review outcomes

Submissions received outside of the paper management system, will not be considered valid entries.

  • Upload the Nomination form at
    Click on Submit a Contribution to EMBC’20, click on submit (to the right of student award paper nomination). Your advisor should upload the form if he/she is a co-author on your paper. If he/she is not a co-author, you may upload the form on your advisor’s behalf. The nomination form MUST be uploaded by the nomination form deadline.
    Only those full contributed papers which are submitted and accepted to the conference can be nominated for the student paper competition. Thus, nomination forms will be accepted after all authors have received their accept or reject notification by the conference review board and committee.


Only those papers which are Accepted to participate in the conference program, by the EMB Conference Editorial Board and EMBC Organizing Committee will be reviewed for the SPC.  Papers which are rejected will not be considered or reviewed for the SPC.

Please note that for a paper outlining a design project, the construction of the project, the accompanying design considerations, and verification of project success should be detailed in the paper.

All Accepted papers with a complete nomination submission will be reviewed by the SPC Committee and considered as finalist to the competition; weighing scores and review comments provided in the initial review.

After the SPC committee completes its review process there will be a total of 15 finalists selected:

One (1) finalist will be selected from each of the 5 EMBS geographical areas:

  • North America (US & Canada)
  • Latin America (Mexico & South America)
  • Europe (as defined by WHO)
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia-Pacific.

*Geographical units represented by fewer than five (5) authors may be combined with another group for the geographical Competition.

Ten (10) additional Finalists for the Open Competition.


The corresponding author of the selected paper (Finalist) must attend the Conference and present his or her paper in the regular conference program, and in the SPC special session.  Co-authors or substitute presenters are not permitted.

A panel of judges will carefully review each presentation and select that First, Second, and Third place winners based on the technical merits of the work, professionalism of the presentation, and verbal communication skills.

The three overall winners of the SPC will receive an engraved plaque and an honorarium:

  • $1,000 USD for the first place winner
  • $750 USD for the second place winner
  • $500 USD for the third place winner

All Selected Finalists will be entitled to complimentary registration to the Annual EMB Conference and travel support:

  • Geographical Finalists are entitled to travel reimbursement up to $1000 USD
  • Open Finalists are entitled to travel reimbursement up to $500 USD

All Travel expenses will be reimbursed to the Student in compliance with the IEEE Travel & Reimbursement Policy

Any questions related to the Student Paper Competition should be directed to the EMBS Executive Office

SPC Chair

Han Yuan ( )


Student Volunteer Opportunities

As a non-profit association, IEEE and EMBS are organizations led primarily by the efforts of volunteer contributors.  Each year, at the Annual EMB Conference, the conference organizers look to recruit student attendees to support in the logistical execution of the conference.

What does a Student Volunteer Do?

Student Volunteer efforts include, but are not limited to, supporting participant check in, directing participants to sessions and workshops, and prepare and distribute conference materials.

How do I know if I am Eligible to be a Student Volunteer?

In order to be eligible for student volunteer positions, one must be registered and paid in full to attend the conference at a student registration rate. Those registered to attend the conference at any other rate are not eligible for the student volunteer program.

What must the student volunteer commit to?

Student participants who register/apply to be included in the student volunteer program must complete 8 full volunteer hours (* Two Shifts of 4 hours each; Total of 8 Volunteer Hours)

Those who:

  • Register/Apply for the program in advance by the deadline
  • Personally and directly meet the Eligibility requirements for the program; (Substitutions are not accepted. He or she who registers/applies and accepts the volunteer role/assignment, must be directly eligible and independently meet the eligibility requirements. No Exceptions)
  • Complete the 8 hour volunteer hour commitment
  • Meet the expectations of their assigned responsibility on site

Will be eligible for a refund of his or her paid admission fee to the conference.

Terms for the Volunteer Program:

  • Volunteer Sessions are subject to cancellation and or changes at the discretion of the planning committee
  • No Cash or Check Refunds will be issued
  • All refunds will be issued to the original method of payment
  • Refunds will be issued no less than 30 days after the conference has concluded (e.g. refunds will not be issued onsite)
  • No partial refunds will be issued; One must meet the full 8 hours commitment in order to be eligible for admission fee refund. No Refunds will be issued for work that is not completed. (e.g. those who complete 7 hours, and not the full 8, will not be eligible for admission fee refund)
  • Only the student admission fee will be reimbursed to qualified student volunteers; Workshop Fees, Social Event Tickets, Paper Submission Fees, Over length page charges, ect. are not refundable and are not within the scope of this program.
  • Be mindful of your travel, presentation, session, workshop, and any other personal arrangements before committing to be a student volunteer. Space is limited and provided on a first come first serve basis.
  • Changes to any selected shift will not be supported.  Advisement from a registered volunteer that he or she is unable to meet his or her shift commitment, will result in removal from all shifts.

How do I become a student volunteer?

  • Our student volunteer program is very popular.  Registration is opened after the program is finalized.  Please continue to check this website and follow us on social media for updates on the student volunteer registration!