Student Paper Competition Finalists

Please join us in congratulating the Finalists selected for the 2023 EMBS Student Paper Competition!

The Finalists will present their papers in special judging sessions on Tuesday 25 July, 2023, with the winners announced just prior to the Keynote on Wednesday 26 July, 2023.

Best of luck to all in the final phase of the competition!

Middle East-Africa:

Ioannis Ziogas, Khalifa University
“Dynamic Monitoring of Probiotics Effect in Parkinson’s Disease Patients via Swarm Decomposition and Bispectral Analysis of Electrogastrograms”

Latin America:

Miranda Piero, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
“Performance of emergency mechanical ventilators in response to the covid-19 pandemic: an intercomparison study”


Ishara Paranawithana, Monash University
“Investigating the Effect of Data Length on the Performance of Frequency-Domain fNIRS Functional Connectivity Measures”


Amith Jagannath Kamath, University of Bern
“ASTRA: Atomic Surface Transformations for Radiotherapy Quality Assurance”

North America:

Jasmine Vu, Northwestern University
“Optimizing the trajectory of deep brain stimulation leads reduces RF heating during MRI at 3 T: Characteristics and clinical translation”

Simeon Beeckman, Ghent University
“Enhancing Multichannel Laser-Doppler Vibrometry Signals with Application to (Carotid-Femoral) Pulse Transit Time Estimation”

Efstratia Ganiti-Roumeliotou, Khalifa University
“Classification of children with ADHD through task-related EEG recordings via Swarm-Decomposition-based Phase Locking Value”

Shahzad Ali, Kyungpook National University
“Abdominal CT Segmentation for Body Composition Assessment using Network Consistency Learning”

Abigail Citterman, Northwestern University
“Impaired Discrimination of Electrocutaneous Stimulation in the Paretic Hand of Stroke Survivors”

William Kwan, Monash University
“Timing is Everything: Stochastic Optogenetic Stimulation Reduces Adaptation in Retinal Ganglion Cells”

Michael Wimmer, The University of Know-Center
“Neural and Pupillometric Correlates of Error Perception in an Immersive VR Flight Simulation”

Omkar Nitin Athavale, The University of Auckland
“Cervical Vagus Nerve Stimulation Disrupts Gastric Slow Wave Activity in Rats”

Thomas Conroy, Cornell University
“Systolic Time Interval Extraction in Hypertensive and Hypotensive Pig Models Using Wearable Near-Field Radio-Frequency Sensors”

Tianshuo Wang, University of Cincinnati
“A 3D Microfluidic Device with Vertical Channels Toward In Vitro Reconstruction of Blood-Brain Barrier”

Christopher Monti, Medical College of Wisconsin
“Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Blood Clearance of Liver Fluorescent Markers for the Assessment of the Degree of Hepatic Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury”