Engineer/Physician Team Competition Guidelines

1: Non-Confidential Project Title (20 words or less)

Provide a non-confidential title intended for a lay audience that is no more than one sentence and uses the fewest words possible to succinctly convey what the envisioned product is, what it does, and what problem it solves.

  • Example 1: Smartphone app to reduce 30-day readmissions of acute myocardial infarction patients
  • Example 2: Home-based test to predict and monitor risk of preterm birth

2: Project Team (100 words or less) 

List each of your team members and their affiliations. For each, briefly describe their area of expertise and what their proposed role on the project will be. Keep in mind that project teams must be comprised of at least one engineer and one clinician

3: Clinical Problem / Unmet Need (100 words or less)

Describe the clinical problem or need that your envisioned product intends to address.  Quantify the problem or need, e.g. state number of patients affected by the disease/ problem, and the potential for reduction in direct costs associated with the problem or need.  Why is this problem unresolved?

4: Standard of Care (200 words or less)

How is the clinical problem/unmet need currently addressed (current standard of care)? Describe current protocols for management of the problem/unmet need.  What specialized diagnostic or therapeutic tools (drugs, devices or equipment) are presently used to address the problem/unmet need?

5: Value Proposition (100 words or less)

How will your envisioned product address the problem/unmet need better than the standard of care or other emerging approaches? What will compel or drive the adoption of your product over others? How is your envisioned solution distinct and what are its advantages compared to other approaches?

6: Envisioned Product (100 words or less)

What is your envisioned product and what does it do? What is unique or innovative about it? What tangible components or services will be sold/deployed? How will your product change or improve patient care?

7: Enabling Technology (200 words or less)

What is the innovation you have discovered or technology you have developed that will enable your envisioned product? Briefly comment on the current stage of development, i.e. what do you presently have in hand: a concept, drawings, a prototype, benchtop/in vitro data, animal data, human data? What experiments or studies have you completed that suggest that your technology will work in the way you predict? What other technology/components will be required to create your envisioned product?

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