Frequently Asked Questions

I am attending the conference and need a personalized invitation letter?
Personalized Invitation letters are only available to authors contributing a  paper to the conference.  Authors can obtain a personalize letter by login into the paper management system, and select “Request an Acceptance Letter” from the available drop-down options
“When will my paper be visible in IEEE Xplore”
Only full contributed papers will be published in IEEE Xplore after the paper has been presented by the corresponding author at the conference.  Full contributed papers that meet the requirements for publication will be visible in IEEE Xplore approximately 90 days after the conference.
“I am traveling to the conference with my family, is there a child rate or discount children for the conference?”
IEEE EMBC welcomes students, academic leaders, and industry leaders with interest in the field of Engineering in Medicine & Biology.  Anyone who wishes to attend the conference and is under the age of 18, must pay the applicable registration fee, and be accompanied by a registered and paid parent or guardian.  For the safety and protection of children, we encourage adult attendees who are traveling with children, where the child/children are not student attendees, to make the necessary child care arrangements for their children external to the conference areas.
“I paid my registration fee but the paper management system shows me as “upload fee not paid”, what is the upload fee? Is this different? how is this fixed?”

The registration system and the paper management system are linked to ensure that only authors who have a paid the registration fee, have paid any applicable overlength page charges, and have paid any over submission fees are allowed to upload his or her final paper.
If you have registered for the conference, but are not able to upload for your final paper it is best to take the following steps:

  1. Start your registration in the Paper Management System. This links your paper account to the registration system.2.
  2. Make sure you have registered as an author. Authors must register as an “Author” and pay an “Author” registration type. Registration as a general attendee will not support paper upload
  3. Make sure you are the corresponding author. Only the corresponding author can upload the final paper.
  4. Make sure you have answered all the questions related to your paper when registering. If you do not answer the questions related to your paper during the registration process, the registration system will not send your paper information to the paper management system and the paper management system will not know that you have paid. You must answer all paper submission questions when registering
  5. Make sure you have provided the right paper information when registering you will be asked how many submissions you have, how many of your papers are overlength, and the paper numbers. If any of this information the paper management system will not validate your payment with the registration system

“I am the first listed author on the paper, but I can’t come to the conference. Can one of my co-authors be the corresponding author?”

The corresponding is not synonymous with the first author listed on the paper. The corresponding author carries the responsibility of being the lead paper manager; uploading the final paper, attending the conference, and presenting the paper. Any author listed on the paper who accepts this responsibility can be the corresponding author

“I am the corresponding author but my co-author will attend the conference and present the paper as I cannot attend, do I have to take any steps?”

If the corresponding author cannot a attend and a co-author will present the paper in lieu of the corresponding author, the corresponding author will still be considered a no show. With this, the corresponding author must follow the no show process and submit the No show/Absentee/Substitution form. To avoid this extra step, it is better to make sure the corresponding author is the author who will be attending the conference.

“I need to register but I don’t have a credit card?

Registrations are only confirmed where payment has been received by the customer.  The only method of payment our system supports is credit card payments, as it is the only means to receive instant payment which are simultaneously recorded in the registration system.

In cases were credit card is not available our office can support wire payments.  However, there is a lengthy process for wire payments to be managed and supported.  If you need to pay by wire payment we recommend that you begin the process no less than 7 business days before you must have a confirmed registration.

Step One – 1 Business Day:

Complete a Successful wire payment for the full amount of your registration fee to the following IEEE Bank Account  (remember to include any submission fees, or optional items as well)

BANK NAME: Wells Fargo Bank
BANK ADDRESS: 123 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19109
Account Name: IEEE-38410
Account Number: 2000021570326
ABA or R/T Number: 121000248
Swift Number: WFBIUS6S

Step Two – 1 -2 business days:

Send Confirmation of Wire payment to the EMBS Contact Form requesting completion of registration

Step Three – 2-3 Business Days:

IEEE EMBS Executive office will confirm payment has settled with the IEEE Treasury Team

Step Four – 1 business day:

EMBC Registration Team will confirm registration

“I have food allergies and/or follow a special diet based upon my religious beliefs.  What kind of food is served at the conference?”

At distinct points in the conference schedule, light refreshments or hors d’oeuvres will be made available to participants, and some special social events may include lunch.  In all cases, as an international organization with a mission to advance technology for humanity in the field of health medicine, and medical technology, the safety, diversity, and inclusiveness of the food we select is an important part of the conference plan.  Each year, where the conference is in different regions of the world, this presents its challenges.  Yet, our conference organizing team remains conscious of the importance of these matters, and does its very best to select a wide range of options.  During your registration process, you will be asked to provide the conference organizers any information on dietary restrictions you may have. Please share this information with us, so that we can best serve you in your conference experience.