Symposium: Point-Of-Care Technologies for Precision Medicine

Chair and Moderator: Atam Dhawan, PhD, NJIT
Tiffani Lash, PhD, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, NIH
Julian Goldman, MD, Partners HealthCare and Massachusetts General Hospital
Nicolas Chbat, PhD, Phillips Research North America

The special symposium on Point-of-Care (POC) Technologies for Precision Medicine will focus presentations and discussions on current trends and future challenges in using technology innovations in healthcare monitoring, POC diagnostics and decision support systems, and therapeutic interventions to help implementing preventive, personalized and precision medicine in global and under-resourced environment. The symposium will provide presentations on needs, challenges and resources from government funding agency (NIH), clinical healthcare, and industry perspectives followed by a panel discussion on future strategic directions. The symposium will include open discussion on the development, clinical translational, commercialization, implementation and user-compliance of innovative point-of-care technologies in clinical (hospital, emergency, acute, chronic and primary care), non-traditional (consumer) and under-resourced settings.

The symposium will also attempt to emphasize and lead towards exploring opportunities for future collaborations and synergies to accelerate POC technology development and validation, deployment and adoption in a manner consistent with the clinical needs to achieve the overall goal of improving healthcare at affordable cost.

13:30-13:40:  Introduction to Needs and Challenges in Adopting Point-Of-Care Technologies in Healthcare for Personalized, Preventive and Precision Medicine: Atam Dhawan

13:40-14:00:  NIH Perspective and Initiative to Promote POC Technologies for Precision Medicine: Tiffani Lash

14:00-14:20:  Clinical Perspective on POC Technology Innovations for Improving Healthcare: Julian Goldman

14:20-14:40:  An Industry Perspective on Achieving Precision Medicine for Point-of-care Technology in the ICUNicolas Chbat

14:40-15:00 Q&A