Ram Fish, MBA

Ram FishTo the journey ahead:  From the Lab to the Market: Real life stories, lessons and reflections

This talk will start with a discussion of Simband (2013) – the world’s most advance biomedical sensor wearable device. The discussion will cover mechanical and wearability constraints, plus the issues involved in sensors integration (ECG, BioZ, GSR, 8xPPG), as well as challenges assuring signal integrity and quality in an noisy environment with considerable cross-talk.  Of course, testing and validation, especially of blood pressure algorithms, are critical to a successful product.

I will also discuss the project to develop Libri (2010), a senior monitoring device, with the discussion focusing on fall detection. The project included unique IP that helped meet a number of technical and practical challenges in simulating falls and building a database for the product.

The talk will then discuss my current project: GALE: Smart Portable Health Center, focusing on the engineering and design challenges we are facing.

I will use these examples to conclude the talk with a reflection on best practices, common pot-holes and the blessing of the journey of developing a new biomedical product.